Saturday, November 19, 2016

Buy Our Crazy Album And Help Support Our Zine!!

    Most readers of this blog are likely aware that it exists as a sort of compliment to our physical GAD! zine. It's an old-school black & white photocopied deal that we give out for free. A terrible business model. But this ain't a business. This is our passion. And appropriately, GAD! ZiNe Comp is filled with passion. 24 independent bands each contributing a song for the cause of keeping the zine happening. We have bands featuring contributors to the zine/blog. We have a lot of underground Alabama bands, several of which are composed of people who have fought the not always pretty fight of being a punk rocker in the Deep South for twenty, even thirty years. We have bands from other parts of the country. We have a band from another part of the world. We have demos and exclusives. We even have an exclusive mix of "Bella Donna" by Indoria, featuring the legendary Faith No More/Bad Brains/Cement vocalist Chuck Mosley!!                   ORDER CD!!
Seriously, check out this tracklist:

1. Headwires - San Dimas
2. The Shidiots - All My Friends
3. The Dirty Swagger - Will You Bury Me?
4. The Casket Kids - Dead City Ripper
5. The Devil's Got A Hold On Me - Brains
6. All Deep Ends - Casino Night
7. The Charmings - Blind Song #1
8. The Go-Go Killers - I Gotta Condition
9. Ash of Eden - Magic No More
10. Indoria - Bella Donna (Roughhausen Mix)
11. Pace House - Shark and Sparrow
12. Tiger Helicide - Death Rays & Razor Blades
13. Lucky 33 - Exigency
14. Big Gaping Holes - If I Had Two Dicks
15. The Abhumans - Insanity
16. Bad Susan - Sinner
17. The Wrong Brothers - Creepazoids
18. Stick Shift Frenzy - Tame
19. Gasoline Tank - Purple Angel With A Tele
20. The Boneyard Mafia - Fuck This Job
21. The Same - Paranoia Head
22. Envain - Name Your Poison
23. Casey Ponder - Strides
24. Color Wild - Mood Rings

This album is dedicated to Nathan Baugh and Chris Lee. 

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