Saturday, November 4, 2017

Review: The Go-Go Killers - Hallucinogenitalia

    The Go-Go Killers only could've come from one of two places: Huntsville, Alabama or Planet Fuck. Though I've bared witness to their ritualistic sleaze-church shenanigans multiple times in the Rocket City, a reliable source (their new CD) has informed me that they are, in fact, Fuckian immigrants. They've just spent so much time wrecking and rolling through the Southeast, becoming legends in the process, that we've come to adopt them as our own. As one may attempt to adopt a sick wild animal... and inevitably get bitten. Hallucinogenitalia, their double album, is a culmination of all
things "wreck 'n' roll". Subversive and nasty and haunted. 13 Alabama Ghost and Jeffrey meets Peoples Temple meets Blood Feast. They nod to past legends like the Cramps but pave their own way as a uniquely southern phenomenon. As musicians, few can hope to come close to the prowess and straight-up experience of this quartet. The band is as tight as a noose, even when they push boundaries from roots to punk to post-punk to even funk. I've been singing their praises since their first album, An Unhinged DEMONstration, but, I gotta say, Hallucinogenitalia handily blows away all previous releases in their catalog. Everything was recorded live in the studio and, energy-wise, it shows, but the sound is so big here, so powerful, that you're much more likely to take this in as an experience than as some kind of mere "music". If you love the Go-Go Killers, this is their ultimate expression. Their Rocket to Russia. Their London Calling. If you never got into their stuff before, this CD will convert ya, as you will finally hear what the congregation has been hearing all along. -Harmless

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