Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Queens of the Stone Age - Villians

 That new Queens Of The Stone Age record answers a question everyone is afraid to ask, and for good reason: What if aliens watched a lot of Grindhouse and Russ Meyer flicks, and basically found a spot next to the MST3K crew in the theatre, then went to church, then came home and ate spaghetti and wrote a record, after one more spaghetti western? Thankfully, the human race will never have to broach the subject as a species, because the planetary patriots informally known as “QOTSA”, led by General Josh Homme, have made this theoretical, hypothetical nightmare into a nine-track album equivalent to those fear mongering nuclear war training newsreels. It’s some “Reefer Madness” in an era where we have an Attorney General who sees that piece of cinematic chicanery as an instructional video or that video you have to watch when you take Drivers Ed (where they make sure to get close-ups on all the charred corpses inside the twisted wreckage) rather than “Gone With The Wind”. (See what I did there?) The White Boy Funk is strong with this one. B to B-
-Jackson A.D.

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