Monday, January 8, 2018

Review: Zarek - WAVVYBABY

    Zarek's been around the North AL scene in one form or another for a while now. He's done his share of hardcore punk, and lemme tell ya, this ain't it at all. Zarek's latest passion is the indie hip-hop scene. And it's one to which he has comfortably transitioned. The beats are simple but catchy and a lotta the music is kinda mello techno. This the stuff that you can dance to, chill to, drive to. And crash to, cuz Zarek's voice is over-the-top as fuuuuuuck! And I like it! He gives every track 150%. You say that's impossible? Well, math is for folks painting by the numbers. And Zarek don't. Oh, yeah and I gotta say this: For some reason, he occasionally reminds me a tad of the late Dave Brockie. I think I must be as crazy as this dude. Anyway, as I was getting at before, Zarek is unrestrained in the vocal department. Unafraid. Says what he wants to say. How he wants to say it. It's the contrast between his yapping/rapping/hollering and the looped beats/pretty electronic music that makes this release stand out to me. I'm definitely curious to see where Zarek goes next with this.

Zarek on Bandcamp