Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I Knew Chuck Mosley....

FNM comic book autographed by Chuck!

    “I knew Chuck Mosley.” “Chuck Mosley was a friend of mine.” “You, sir, are no Chuck Mosley.” Ok, so I’ve used that particular set of quotes before, in a previous review of IZZY MILLER (now known as IZZY MILLER AND THE BLACK MARKET SALESMEN). Which is paraphrasing a purloined phrase from a prized political parlance of that magical decade that was invented strictly for the satirical cannon fodder of millennial (and The South Park guys) humor-huckers worldwide: THE 1980S. (So if I am plagiarizing myself, from a time I parodied a quote, that was also plagiarized, what exactly does that make me? A “plag” on society, that’s what!) And ok, maybe Chuck Mosley wasn’t an *actual* friend of mine. But after talking with him for a few minutes, I felt as though he was. He was one of the most disarmingly humble and gentle souls it’s ever been my pleasure to meet. The fact that he parlayed that lovable psychedelic weirdness into some sort of half-muppet, half-toddler, half cartoon character that served as a beacon of focus and haven to a generation of disenchanted weirdos that couldn’t find their place in the spectrum of the zeitgeists that made up the culture at the time. (If you counted three halves, you count reaaalll gooood!) Those first two FAITH NO MORE records are more than adequate to get them on the ballot every year for “weirdest band on earth” some thirty years later. And at no point does it sound forced, contrived, concocted, conspired or crafted. It’s completely organic. Nothing shoved in there sideways just for the sake of creating a new gruel just to do it. Listening to “Soul Pretender” by PRIMITIVE RACE outlines just how pointedly tragic losing Chuck has been. Because that album is a snapshot (not snapchat…damn kids) of a Newton’s Cradle of defenseless sincerity, hope, joy, elation, chunk funk, exploration, and the “happy strange” Chuck was the personification of (at least to me). If being part of GAD! has benefited me in no other way, it made this happen, due to the humbling generosity of founder and editor-in-queef Adam Harmless. Not sure if I’ll ever pay that debt off, but maybe if more people discover something that changes their lives, or at least gives them a badass soundtrack to work behind, then I’ll continue to bear my burden to spread this here gospel. Rest In Peace Charles Henry Mosley III. Save me a table at the Arabian Disco. -Jackson A.D.

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