Monday, March 12, 2018

Live Review: Swiss Army Brat

Live at Sidetracks

    Swiss Army Brat has been playing a TON of shows in and around the Huntsville area lately, and I can see why they keep so busy…. it’s because THEY FUCKIN' KICK ASS! The region is known for having bands that push the limits of power, of taste. Let’s just say Hville and their regularly visiting neighbors have a reputation. But what is often left out of that narrative are all the women that rock just as hard as, or even harder than the boys. S.A.B. is a prime example. Snotty, angry, funny, take-no-shit, LOUD. I first saw them playing GAD! Fest 2 at Sidetracks Music Hall late last year. They were the one band on the bill with which I was kinda unfamiliar, but Salina Brilla knows how to book a brilliant show. Who was I to question it? Glad I didn't, because Swiss Army Brat KILLED. Since then, my own band was asked to share a bill with them, and we jumped at the chance. And again they did not disappoint. In fact, I think they were even better than at GAD! Fest!! If they haven't hit the studio yet, they need to, like day before yesterday! Go see them before they implode from so much punk rock attitude. – Harmless


  1. They Have an album coming out within a month or so! Keep your eyes out for it! Here's one of the singles off of it!

    1. Thank you! We look forward to listening to it!!