Friday, March 9, 2018

Review: LiL $hiro - InFriendsWeTrust EP

    LiL Shiro is a fairly prolific rap artist who effortlessly blends nightlife partying with kinda-geek culture. He finds angles that will take what might at first seem to be a trope and turn it into something fresh. Makes sense. The Rap/Hip-Hop community has come a long way in this state over the last few years, with many more musicians opting to delve deeper and look beyond just copying what they find in the "Rap" section of FYE. LiL $hiro and several of his cohorts are prime examples of this movement. So what about the EP? The music that serves as $hiro's backdrop is just about always pretty as hell. It works in excellent contrast with his vocal delivery one moment and in melodious unison the next. He also gets the most out of everyone with which he collaborates. Every song on this EP stands on its own as a killer single and at the same time belongs with the other tunes. That's an artist at work. -Harmless

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