Thursday, March 8, 2018

Review: Various – I’ve Got The Bible Belt Around My Throat (1981-2003 vinyl; 1981-2010 digital)

    I’ve been waiting forever to finally hear this comp! At last, there is a collection that gives Alabama Punk Rock the history it deserves. Pioneers like the Knockabouts, Grossest National Product, and Dead Pigeons are all represented. Other must-haves like Random Conflict are also here. Where the hell was this comp when I was a kid?? Oh yeah, and we get to hear that Skeptic? 14 years ago sounds a lot like Skeptic? today. Wouldn’t want it any other way! Some production is a little rough in places (a lot of old friends will vouch for how hard it was to get a decent-sounding punk record made in ‘bama even by the late 90’s) but overall the sound is pretty damn solid. The great mastering further shows what a labor of love this project has been for Ian Wise. I'm sure some locals will find holes where their fave band is unaccounted for, but that's the nature of the beast. Make your own gap-fill comp with this much enthusiasm and I'll buy it too! This is essential listening that still pisses off the neighbors!! (Review is of the extended digital version) -Harmless    

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