Friday, March 2, 2018

Review: The Vorpal Sword - EP

      As a longstanding fan of EVIL EYE (Jasper/Birmingham, I dunno… it’s in the directory for chrissake) I felt that proverbial Christly compulsion power to buy this recording sound unseen, attributable in no short order as well to my personal-yet-intermittent (meaning I don’t run into him much) friendship with frontman Joseph Higgins (journalistic bias? What’s that? Who you callin’ a journalist anyway? Oh. Nobody did. I see. Well, this certainly is awkward.) My initial mule-kick reflexive analysis of the EP is just what I told editor-in-queef Adam Harmless: It’s as if Rik Ocasek ditched The Cars and went for something “country”, something more jangly, or if Peter Murphy decided he would rather relocate to Hidden Valley Ranch or some other first-world village that wants to parade as a diorama for Charlotte’s Web but, in reality, is more akin to the town from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?. (There never is a Burger Barn though, and if there is it’s always closed when you go by it.) While EVIL EYE sits quite snugly in between the slots in your CD tower of 90’s alt-rock giants (because really, how else are you gonna listen to them??), THE VORPAL SWORD (a phrase found in the Lewis Carroll poem Jabberwocky) is jerking the wheel abruptly and going down a side service road that may or may not come back out on the interstate. No need to worry about scoring merits in some sort of morality game show; all the boys and girls get the gift of a good band and a good time when the man in the red suit brings THE VORPAL SWORD to the stage. Go! -Jackson A.D.

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