Saturday, June 23, 2018

Review: The Goddamn Gallows - The Trial

    The Goddamn Gallows' 6th studio album, The Trial, just like its predecessors, does not suck at all. 10 songs total, it starts out dark with "Grassmuncher". An instrumental piece, it's almost an initiation or perhaps the introduction to a character (if you imagine a rock opera, which I did, when listening from start to finish.) The story my imagination followed was a shady and despicable evil character who commits a series of awful deeds, leading up to The Trial, a stop at the Honeyhole, eventual death, and then on to the afterlife. However you choose to listen to the songs on this album, either in succession or individually, they are each an experience or a journey. The variety of voices, sounds, and instruments used by The Goddamn Gallows has always been a favorite aspect of this band for me. Whispers, evil yodels, growling and the fact that all members voices are heard at some point is really fun, invoking, and keeps your attention. They touch on so many genres. Metal, blue grass, psychobilly, and punk, along with the air of perpetual doom and references to the darker aspects of spirituality don't make this the easiest band to describe and this album in particular is like a Carnival taken over by an Evil Metal band that subjects themselves and the Carnies to torture before all being locked onto a rollercoaster that falls off the track mid-loop into an ocean and drowns. Song titles on this album are (in succession) the aforementioned "Grassmuncher", "Blackened Soul", "It's Gonna Be Ok (No It's Not)", "ShitWish", "When No One's Around", "The Trial", "City of Fools", "Honeyhole", "Dreadful Sinner", and "Down With The Ship". Buy this. If this is your first time hearing this band, backtrack and get yourself caught up, because you are truly missing out on some incredible music. I have seen them 3 times live. 1st time, they ripped out a guy's tooth, and there is even a live album based on that activity. If while you are listening to them and a suggested band pops up, try them out too, these guys are affiliated with some other great bands, in fact you may have seen some of them at Copper Top and Maggie Meyers back in the day when I was working the calendars or more recently at Sidetracks Music Hall where The Goddamn Gallows are going to be playing June 29th along with Trash Cats (Alabama), Days N Daze (Texas), and Gallows Bound (Tennessee). Don't miss your chance to see these guys, support your local venue, and buy their stuff. Oh, and just a tidfo of info, the members of this band also have other bands you can check out: Fishgutz and his Ignorant Band (played Copper Top a few years back), Mickey Classic and his Lonesome Spur (played The Hot Spot.. I was in Chicago, sorry..), Uriah Freedom Baker has Wormfoot and a clothing company 2 and Over (I've bought stuff), and Jayke Orvis who performs on his own and with The Broken Band. Do Not Miss this Summer tour and be sure to purchase The Trial (out right now!).
-Salina Brilla

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