Saturday, July 21, 2018

Review: Skeptic? Hornet's Nest

Skeptic? - Hornet's Nest
Birmingham's Skeptic? has been punk rockin' since 2001, and they've never put out a bad release. Band members and longtime fans may have their opinions, but I think it's difficult to call anything they've done less than bad ass. Regardless of fidelity (or maybe the occasional lack thereof) of some recordings, Skeptic? has never failed to get the blood pumping. I chalk that invulnerability to two things: Barron's snarling society-is-an-asshole voice and the band's potent speedy energy. Those attributes have been enough to carry the listener and can cut through just about anything. Skeptic?'s latest full-length, however, finally gives us a near-perfect blend of live enthusiasm and studio depth. What that means is that you get what records were meant to be in the first place: not only a documentation or art as sound, but the closest thing to being THERE. Kudos to Aaron Greene (A New Kind Of Hero) for his excellent sound and recording at his legendary and well-missed Syndicate Lounge. Between his work and the mixing of Emanual Ellinas and the mastering of guitarist Tim, I think there were just enough right folks involved who could say, "I know what this band fuckin' sounds like!" The bass thumps and attacks. The drums rattle the stage (your brain stage!). And the guitar blasts and sometimes even shreds, maaaaaan. The music hammers home every damn lyric. Every song is fast and potent and angry and mocking and fun. They even bash away at a Woody Guthrie tune! Desperate times call for great Skeptic? records. -Harmless

Skeptic? – Hornet’s Nest
Me, I’m from the late 70s, early 80s era of punk and hardcore. It’s a hard era to replicate, because of it’s immediacy and earnestness. So here is Skeptic?, Birmingham’s finest, and one of the finest hardcore bands to fill those empty shoes of days gone by. And they do it. Blistering. Vocals that would get a head nod from Jello. Not an ounce of fat on it. If this don’t make you get up and smash into somebody or something, then hellfire, you’re bound to lose. - Alabama Sharp

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