Friday, August 10, 2018

Review: PDERRIGERREO - I'm In a Bad

    The first tune on I'm In a Bad kinda reminds me of Active Ingredients or Atom and His Package (that is, if Atom had friends). The songs that follow are even more chaotic, with rowdy banjo and god-knows-what-else bangin' and clangin'. Accordion? There's crazy indie ditties and drunken crowd back-up vox. What genre is this? Um.... D.I.Y. party-farm? Dunno if they'd admit it, but there's some skilled and interesting musicianship going on with these folks! One of the few weirdo acts that truly offers a variety of sounds and ideas. This is literally one of those cases where if ya don't like one song, you can just keep listening and you might love the next. I love 'em all. -Harmless



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