Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Review: Abusements - "Feelin' Cheated?/Sex Cult" "Space Nazis/Florida Man" Review

Yeah, I know the Abusements are from Montgomery, AL, but where did this band come from??
Punk-rock that is snotty, fast, fun as hell, and smart. Don't get me wrong. This isn't music that makes ya think. This is music for folks that are tired of thinking. We know things are fucked-up and the world is silly so let's bounce around to take our minds off of it. Or, more specifically, let's make fun of it. Let's poke a stick at it. Singles like "Feelin' Cheated?/Sex Cult" and "Space Nazis/Florida Man" are hilarious sing-a-long danceable ditties that are hard for any self-disrespecting mohawk sticker-upper to ignore. As for which 45 is the essential purchase, I gotta go with "Space Nazis". Both songs are hilarious and just made to blast at the neighbors. The good news is that their upcoming full-length, IRRITAINMENT!, is shaping up to be ever better! Check out the promo vid for that album's "Troll Farm" for further proof! -Harmless

*This review originally appeared in GAD! Zine issue 18. A review of IRRITAINMENT, as well as GAD! Zine issue 19's interview with the Abusements, will appear on this site very soon!

Abusements on Facebook

Abusements - "Troll Farm" Music Video on YouTube

Monday, October 29, 2018

Review: Swiss Army Brat - Toxic Shock Syndrome

By now I hope everyone has got to see SAB play live, and if you haven’t yet, hellfire, you need to. Now on to their first release. I’m going to tell you all right now, outright, that if you plan on putting out any new punk / metal /rock 'n' roll all original local music this year, sorry, it’s too late, this is the best album of the year. The song writing is tight, the harmonies are perfect, the musicianship, the production (by Michael Bret Gore) is outstanding. Swiss Army Brat have unleashed an incredible album that will surprise you, and make you happy. From the opening rocker “You, You, You” to the double-whammy closers of “Kill” and “No Shit,” this is THE release of the year. And the CD comes with a surprise that throws the middle finger and a wink at the same time. Hellalujah! -Alabama Sharp

Friday, October 26, 2018

A New Direction (But An Obvious One)

    Yeah, yeah. You haven't heard much from us lately, at least not on this site. Part of the reason for this is that we've been plenty busy tangled up in other forms of communication.

    Jay Dubya Hyde, Andy Smith, and I have started a couple of podcasts. The GAD!Cast is a podcast centered around the three of us talking about creating art (our bands, our zines, this site), local art (musicians, writers, visual artists, etc.), and just whatever interests us (comics, video games, movies, calling each other stupid). In general, GAD!Cast is weekly and appears on YouTube, Soundcloud, and the podcast app.

    Our other podcast is GAD!Cast Radio, and it airs every
Thursday night at 8:30 pm Central on PoDunkRadio.com. We play a ton of music. Most of it local. All of it excellent. You still get our inane chatter but in smaller doses and with music in between to cleanse the pallet. We highly recommend that ya'll check out PoDunk Radio. They play lots of punk rock 24-7 and have several excellent shows, like our fave, Sick Boys Radio.


    Aside from those projects, we've put out two issues of our physical GAD!Zine just a month apart from one another. Normally, we aim for releasing ever other month, but Issue 18 was delayed and Issue 19 (with a limited edition color cover) was promised for our annual GAD!Fest, which will be tomorrow. So we had to get that one out in time.

      So what is GAD!Fest? It's an annual music experience that is slightly different every year that Salina Brilla makes happen to help earn money for the aforementioned print zine. While the events
vary, three things are always present:

1. Killer music
2. Lots of Zines
3. FUN

    This year's GAD!Fest is on October 27th at SideTracks Music Hall in Huntsville, AL. The show starts at 9pm, right after Art Hops Rocket City Punk Rock Flea Market. That's another event that we highly recommend and are proud to associate with. Only $5 at the door. Gotta be 19 or up to get in. So what does this year's GAD!Fest have in store for us?

Tiger Helicide (featuring yours truly)
The Dirty Scavengers
The Devil's Got A Hold On Me

PLUS: The Rocket City Vampire Pageant

PLUS PLUS!!: A raffle with a bunch of cool stuff! 

OH YEAH, AND: GAD!Zine Issue 19 with the limited edition cover. We've only made 100 of these things and we numbered them. The only way to get one is to go the show. By the way, the zine is FREE!

    Now that all that's outta the way, you may be asking, "What does any of this have to do with the title of this article?". Everything, sorta. In the the past, we've posted articles, reviews, and interviews (mostly taken from the print zine). We will, of course continue to do that, but additionally, we will be including more pieces like this. Blog Posts and Updates, essentially. We try to have a strong presence on social media, but we recognize that not everyone is interested in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We don't need to be dependent on one or two formats to share our message, anyway.

    And what is that message?

Independent art is everywhere and you can do it, too.   -Harmless