Friday, November 23, 2018

Muddy Roots Music Festival 2018

    Muddy Roots Music Festival takes place Labor Day Weekend at the Junebug Ranch in Cookeville Tennessee. This year, it started Thursday and went until Sunday. Camping is included with the purchase of the ticket. There are 3 stages, 2 bars, food vendors, and even a waterfall you can drive, or if you're brave enough, walk to. This year, I saw Everymen, Pinata Protest, Rock Bottom String Band, The Goddamn Gallows, X, The Dead Boys, The Meat Puppets, Megan Jean and The KFB, Dead Bronco UK, Those Poor Bastards, Slim Cessnas Auto Club, Call Me Bronco, Sleep, Neurosis, Cutthroat Shamrock, Fu Manchu, and James Hunnicutt. Not in that order and I'm sure I'm missing some. This was my 2nd Muddy Roots. I attended 2017 as well. I enjoyed both experiences although there were a few changes this year. There was a larger stage in the back of vendor row, with powerful speakers. We listened to Sleep from the campsite which was quite far away but did not sound as such. There were some new vendors and the bar on vendors row served in a line rather than just walking up. There was less roots music than the previous year and more old school acts like X and Dead Boys, more rock like Sleep and Hell On Fire. On Sunday evening, the sanitation crew came through and cleaned the port-a-pots, which filled the air with disgusting blue toxin and shit. That was the only bad thing that I recall other than times of silence when no bands were playing at all, which didn't seem to happen the previous year. Muddy Roots is a fun and safe festival. People nap on the ground and sides of the hill. Everyone is pretty kind and courteous to one another. It's a place where you may be an outcast at home, but for those 4 days, you're just another one of the gang. If you're able and to escape to somewhere amazing in 2019, Do It! Bring lots of drink, it's hot. And so you know, the place you get your bracelet has a bar with a real toilette and good food around back. I didn't know that my first year and this year, I found it to be an oasis. -Salina Brilla

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