Saturday, November 17, 2018

Review: Danger*Cakes – Gloomy Girl

For the uninitiated, the Danger Cakes are an Austin-based all-female rockabilly group who deliver 50's bubble gum pop rock with a bit of an edge. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the group is lead vocalist and model Jamie Bahr who, in addition to her vocal duties, plays the upright bass. The band’s latest offering, Gloomy Girl, features three unique tracks likely to entice even the most casual of rockabilly fans. The first track, "Not Your Doll", introduces listeners to Jamie’s very sultry voice, at times suggestive lyrics, as well as the group’s twist on the 50's bubble gum pop sound. Next comes "Love Bites", which incorporates a heavy cabaret feel with lyrics featuring plenty of delightful double entendres. The closing tune, "Bruise Blues", is a cute little number that leans heavily into the 50's bubblegum pop aesthetic. Fans of the genre are unlikely to go wrong and those looking to expand their horizons may just be in for a pleasant surprise. -Kevin Spann

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