Thursday, January 24, 2019

Review: Moth Face - Self-Titled

    This one's been out for a while. I hope it doesn't look like I'm reviewing it now because of all the damn moth memes on social media! Because this really is a fuckin' great album. The dudes know their doom and they know their hard rock, and they know how pump fuckin' energy into it. What I mean is there is more than just sluggish riffage and lazy haze. There are real actual SONGS happening. They understand that playing slow isn't enough. Opener "Tell Them That I'm Not Home" is about as perfect of a start as one could imagine. And a perfect illustration of my point. The song starts metally but gets catchy and kinda deep, then wraps in way that reminds me of the softer moments from Sabbath's Paranoid album. Kinda hate that I've mentioned Sabbath, because honestly what I love is how this is a real modern band that isn't some by-the-numbers throw-back. Investigate for yourself. -Harmless

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