Sunday, May 19, 2019

Review: Tiger Helicide - Punk Rock Fanzine & Face Off With The Boneyard Mafia

Hard to believe these nutzo punkers have been at it for 10 years…. Time goes by when you’ve lost your mind, I suppose. Murder Boy Music is an apt label title too. PUNK ROCK FANZINE starts off with “Punk Rock Fanzine,” a straight up punk rawk masterpiece that sums up all of us holding on by our fingernails to this… I ain’t gonna tell you – listen to the song. "Death Rays & Razor Blades", mixed by Michael Kilpatrick, is another ode to the all ignoring gods of punk rock. You’re liable to find a little bit of everything scattered throughout the other tracks: shop vac – check!; trumpet – check! It takes a certain kind of warped determination to create songs like this, and these cats sound like the kind of punks that have spent a lot of time walking into walls repeatedly, and happily. Hellfire, that’s a compliment. And the FACE OFF EP – Goes to show that "Fuck This Job" is a local masterpiece. Sik Dik has gotta be proud, if he possesses such emotions anyway. This EP is simply a massive collision of everything opposite of what has come to be known as “modern punk rock music.” The snotty, snarly heckle of both the vocal deliveries, and the primitiveness of the tunes themselves are a ray of sunshine in a politically correct world. Carry on brothers, the world needs more bands that don’t look to fit in, or be in, but show up gleaming with madness to wreck the party with some murder boy music.
                                                                                                                         -Alabama Sharp